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Boasting of a 30-day money back guarantee, the Singer 9940 is one of the newest products offered by Singer. This sewing machine is a more advanced version of some of Singer’s traditional offerings. Easy to use and relatively affordable, this sewing machine gives you a great product at a lower cost.

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This sewing machine works well for all kinds of users. From novice quilters to advanced crafters, the Singer 9940 is designed to meet your every need. If a beginner encounters any issues, the well-written instruction manual can help unwind the mysteries behind the Singer 9940.

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  • Low cost but great value
  • Advanced version
  • The presser foot that comes on the machine does not work well .

Boasting of an extremely low price, this sewing machine combines its affordable nature with a well-built design. This sewing machine was created with an under plate and a one-step button hole system. It also offers a blind stitch hem foot. Although it advertises that it has a reverse stitching option, this feature does not seem to consistently work for most users.

The Singer 9940 advertises that each of its sewing machines carry a light that makes it easier to see. Despite having this light attached to the machine, it is still difficult to see fabric or thread during the dim light of evening. If you buy this sewing machine, just remember that it is easier to work on in a brightly lit room.

Although the Singer 9940 does have a lot going for it, many customers dislike it because of its light and certain stitching problems. The Singer 9940 is supposed to be able to handle reverse or backup stitching. According to some users, it is not capable of doing either of these things. The only way that one user was able to do backup stitching was to physically let go of the fabric and push continuously on the button. For an automated sewing machine, this level of unresponsiveness is unacceptable.

To get around the lighting issue, users can just make sure to have a desk lamp in their sewing room. Another thing noted by many sewers is that the presser foot that comes on the machine does not work well for decorative stitches. One of the accompanying presser feet will actually work well for this purpose. If you are doing decorative sewing, switch to presser foot B.


  • Fairly well-priced
  • More advanced than typical machines
  • Cons

  • Dim lighting
  • Poor reverse stitching
  • For the average user, this machine will perform adequately. Before you choose to purchase it, you should carefully consider if the positives of the machine outweigh all of the negatives. With a host of annoyances and small issues, the Singer 9940 may be more trouble than it is worth. It does come with a very comprehensive instruction guide, so new users will be able to adjust quickly to using it.

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