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Brother 2340CV Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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As an advanced serger, the Brother 2340CV is designed to deal with many different stitches. Anyone who is sewing clothes or wants a stretchable stitch can use this serger to get the effect they want. In general, the Brother 2340 CV will work well with a variety of fabrics and thread types.

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This sewing machine is specifically designed to handle tri-cover stitches, color-coded threading, wide cover stitches and narrow cover stitches. It offers adjustment dials for strength length and tension so the user can completely customize their experience. The presser foot dial and snap on options are great for anyone who needs to change out the feet or adjust the feed. Overall, this machine is best suited for an experienced sewer. Most novices are better off learning how to sew on a traditional sewing machine before they start to experiment with a serger.

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  • This device suits your budget.
  • Great quality output.
  • Material can become stuck.
  • Occasionally skips stitches.

In addition to a presser foot dial, this machine comes with easy looper threading. To make a professional quality product, the designers of the Brother 2340-CV made sure that the machine has three needles and one looper thread. As soon as users begin to stitch with the serger, they will notice a smooth finish that looks like a store-bought T-shirt. The Brother 2340CV is used to make professional looking decorative stitching, hems or chain stitches. Edges come out looking finished with the sing or dual top-stitching options. This machine can also be used to sew straps for leotards or swimsuits.

Stitch length can be set at anywhere from 2.0 to 4.0 mm. The width can be changed to 3.0 to 6.0 mm. Although the thread tension system is manually adjusted, the Brother 2340 CV makes up for it with its speed. This product boasts of an impressive 1,100 stitches per minute.

Customer opinions about this machine run the gamut from true love to disdain. Before going into customer reviews, it should be noted that the Brother 2340-CV is not intended to be for beginning hobbyists. A serger can be difficult to master and only experienced quilters should do it. If a novice attempts to use a serger, they should expect that results may not be optimal. Although a beginner can still try out a serger and enjoy it, they should go into the attempt with the willingness to practice and persevere.

Detractors dislike this machine because of the numerous flaws associated with it. The Brother 2340CV can occasionally have issues stitching evenly. At times, all of the needles may neglect to carry out a row of three or four stitches. When users try to take the fabric out, it can cause rips and be extremely difficult. To deal with this last problem, users should always remember to push the tension disc to the right for all three threads. If this is not done, the fabric cannot be removed.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sews professional quality clothes
  • Cons

  • Material can become stuck
  • Occasionally skips stitches
  • Overall, the Brother 2340-CV is a decent machine for its price. Any machine that costs less than $500 is bound to have some minor glitches. As long as the person using it is experienced with sergers, most issues will resolve themselves over time.

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